Bike lane. Photo by Renee Umsted.

The City of Dallas is asking for public input on the bike network.

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There is an online survey where residents can answer questions about their own experience with biking, and there’s an interactive map where residents can pinpoint locations where improvements could be made.

The City hopes to have a new bicycle master plan by summer 2023, which would update the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan.

Here are the goals for the project:

  • Updating the bicycle network to reflect existing conditions, priority destinations or connections, and desired facility types comfortable for a wide range of ages and abilities
  • Identifying a core bicycle network — those linkages that will form the spine of the bicycle network, connect to key destinations and are critical to having a connected network. The core bicycle network will be supported by an auxiliary bicycle network interconnecting the city.
  • Ensuring bicycle route feasibility based on City traffic engineering standards and specifications, safety and public input.
  • Update design standards for bicycle facilities based upon identified national, state and local best practices.
  • Updating the project prioritization criteria for funding and implementing bicycle facility improvements.
  • Creating a prioritized and phased implementation plan that identifies “quick win” priority bicycle facilities and establishes priorities for future capital improvement programs. The focus will be on what can be built within the next five years.
  • Setting a path for incorporating the Dallas Bike Plan in the Thoroughfare Plan, City Code, etc.