Students on the playground at Moss Haven Elementary and neighbors in Moss Farm heard gunshots Wednesday afternoon during a drive-by shooting near the school. No one was injured, and the shooter remains on the loose.

Neighbors called 911 about 2 p.m. to report gunshots at the corner of Moss Farm Lane and Flower Meadow Drive, where responding police officers discovered a silver Jeep with two apparent bullet holes. One bullet hole was clearly visible in the Jeep’s front windshield, and another appeared to be in the rear passenger-side door. The driver and passenger remained on the scene and spoke to police.

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Neighbors were reticent to share their names due to fear of retaliation by the shooter, but one woman said she noticed the Jeep – distinctive due to its damaged front end – parked on the block earlier in the morning. Moss Farm is a tight-knit neighborhood, she said, and many residents know each other pretty well. She was suspicious enough to take photos of the vehicle, which then sped away.

One student said he and his classmates heard the shots, and his account of 5-6 bangs matches reports by adult neighbors whose homes back up to the playground. He said his teachers and schoolmates didn’t understand what the noise was, and no one ran for cover.

Throughout the event, Richardson ISD Safety and Security officials and Jose Vega, principal at Moss Haven, were in communication with Dallas police, who said the situation was contained and no lockdown was needed. DPD provided the “all clear” for school to dismiss at 3 o’clock on a normal schedule.