Rachel McGowan is an account executive and graduate of LHHS with children in LH area schools.

Rachel McGowan was elected Saturday to represent Lake Highlands on the Richardson ISD school board, earning enough votes (51%) in the 3-person race to avoid a runoff in District 5. Eron Linn, 7-year incumbent on the board, was defeated in District 2 surrounding Berkner High School, and Vanessa Pacheco will face Sherry Clemens in a runoff there. Gretchen Minyard Williams, an incumbent on the Dallas College board, was defeated by Lake Highlands resident Lynn Davenport (32%) and Preston Hollow’s Dr. Catalina Garcia (36%). Their race will also be decided in a runoff election.

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Turnout was comparatively heavy in D5, where 5,807 ballots were cast out of 32,368 registered voters (18%). During the final two days of early voting, Audelia Branch Library was the busiest voting site in all of Dallas County.

Support for McGowan permeated the district, with Stell, who garnered 38% overall, winning just 6 precincts by small margins. Kile Brown earned 11% of the total.

Three-quarters of the votes in D5 came from ten of the district’s 36 precincts, and 53% came from just 6 precincts: 1142 including Audelia Road Library (696 votes), 1144 including Highland Hills (575 votes), 1044 surrounding Scofield Church (556 votes), 1006 surrounding Moss Haven Elementary (436 votes), 1143 White Rock Valley (424 votes) and 1146 surrounding Lake Highlands Junior High (397 votes). The highest voting percentages were in precincts 1128 surrounding Lake Highlands High School (33%), 1004 surrounding Forest Meadow Junior High (31%), 1007 Oak Highlands (28%) and 1143 White Rock Valley (28%).

Election results are considered unofficial until they are certified. The joint runoff will be held June 18.