The Dallas Police Department arrested the mother of a 3-year-old who died recently after being shot in the face.

Lacravivonne Washington, 26, brought her child to the emergency room just before 10 a.m. on March 28, telling staff that the boy had been shot in a road-rage incident, but police found no evidence to backup her story. The child died at the hospital.

“The mother claimed to have been involved in a road rage incident with a dark-colored 4-door sedan being driven by a black male in a red shirt,” police stated at the time.

But investigators had “not found a legitimate crime scene or evidence related to a road-rage incident.”

DPD sent out a string of messages about the case over the next week:

“The preliminary investigation determined on March 28, the mother and child were seen at a donut shop located at 9410 Walnut Street, Dallas at approximately 9:38 a.m.,” the department stated on March 29. “At 9:57 am, the child arrived at the emergency room, where he died of his injuries.”

On March 31, DPD arrested Washington on outstanding warrants.

Later that day, she was charged with evidence tampering, accused of concealing a handgun that she owned during the investigation of her child’s death.

On April 5, she was charged with endangering a child, accused of allowing a gun to be accessible to a child and having a child unrestrained in a vehicle.

On April 6, the child’s father, 17-year-old Jalexus Washington Sr., was charged with evidence tampering, accused of concealing the gun during the investigation.

A manslaughter warrant was issued for Lacravivonne Washington Tuesday, and she turned herself in on the charge Wednesday.