Dallas Parks and Recreation

Dallas Park and Recreation Department opens lottery registration for summer camps at recreation centers today through Apr. 2.

Registration is only open to Dallas residents and is both online and in-person at recreation centers. The lottery registration is used to give those enrolling an equal opportunity to get a spot in one of the camps at no cost to register, but it doesn’t guarantee a spot.

For online registration, parents can visit the summer camp registration page and enroll one or more children individually. There are more directions at this page.

For in-person registration, parents can go to the recreation center of their choice to enroll their child for the lottery process.

On Apr. 4 at noon, the registration system will randomly put campers in their applicable camps. If there are camps with spots open after the lottery is finished, campers on the waitlist will have a chance to fill those spots.

The camp(s) will open to the general public for regular enrollment on Apr. 18. After camps have started, no more campers are enrolled.

The summer camps are $50 per week and run from Jun. 6 – Aug 5 and Jun. 27 – Aug. 5.