K.C. Mack

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Some issues are so overwhelming, they’re best handled with a dose of humor. Lake Highlands Junior High special education teacher K.C. Mack understands. That’s why he posted his thoughts about the current teacher shortage in a video on Facebook.

“It’s gotten so bad that our substitute teachers need substitute teachers,” bemoans Mack. “Oh my goodness. The district sent out an email today asking the staff if they could help recruit emergency volunteers. If we need subs, the first place I’m going to is Subway. I’m gonna tell ‘em to stop making sandwiches and start making a difference. I’m gonna go find all the stepdaddies I can find. Why? Because they are used to taking care of other people’s kids anyway. I’m gonna go to church and say, hey, look preachers, y’all aren’t working Monday through Friday, plus you’re used to casting out demons. And we could use all the help we can get.”

You can find Mack’s full 1.5-minute video on Facebook here.

Last week, Richardson ISD officials posted a call for volunteers based on the substantial shortage of available substitute teachers and staff.

“In order to keep schools open during the current surge of positive cases, RISD is asking parents and community members interested and available to volunteer to help fill gaps caused by staff illness and required quarantines,” they announced on the district website.

After a required background check, volunteers may serve in the cafeteria, assist in the front office, organize student arrival/dismissal, teach in a classroom or handle a host of other helpful duties, depending on qualifications and experience.

Apply to volunteer here. Learn more about becoming a paid sub here.

Mack jokes about more than just the teacher shortage. He keeps teachers laughing with stories about life in education, and he’s a professional writer, comedian and voice-over actor. He’s part of the animated series, Unprofessional Development, coming soon to Educlix, and he hosted the Lessons in Laughter Summit for American Education Week. He’s been featured on the Bored Teachers and the Teachers Only comedy tours, and he’s fundraising to film a movie called Summer Break, described as Bad Teacher meets Groundhog Day.

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