Update: A representative from Cinemark says via email, “The closure of the Hollywood USA Movies 15 theatre is normal course of business and the result of the careful and ongoing review of our theatre fleet.”

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It’s not exactly in The Advocate coverage zone, but if you grew up in the White Rock area, this is a blow. Not as bad as the shuttering of Penny Whistle Park or White Rock Skate. Still, nostalgia and regret run strong as we learn the neighborhood’s last low-dollar late-run-movie theater closed forever.

Cinemark Hollywood USA Movie Theater screened its last $1 (ish) movie in December. The 15-screen cinema had been at its Shiloh Road location since Dec. 18, 1992. It premiered with Home Alone 2, according to a post from dallasmovietheaters on cinema treasures.com.

The poster recalls the star of the theater’s opening night was a talking trash can.

“People were blown away by the talking Front Row Joe trash can which had a variety of random phrases when trash was dispensed with.”

Over the years theaters with stadium seating and more modern amenities popped up nearby, and Hollywood morphed into the discount venue some of us loved, where maybe you saw Jawbreaker with your high school bestie, took your daughter to see Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron more than once or where you thrice watched Ryan Gosling in Drive.

A luxury theater Hollywood was not. Nor was it one of those cute salvageable boutique theaters a la Casa Linda. Maybe you had to threaten small noisy children who inexplicably bolted up and down the isles while you were trying to watch The Purge. Maybe someone was smoking an illicit substance right in the front row during Uncut Gems. Hollywood wasn’t fancy, but it was ours. You could take the kids to a flick without breaking the bank or sneak away on your own for a song.

Now going to a movie can be cost prohibitive — $11-$13.50 per person (personal experience at Alamo, $13.50, Galaxy, $12, Texas Theatre, $11). A very worthwhile cost for entertainment, mind you, yet the dollar-movie option was nice to have.

Some Cinemas including Studio Movie Grill still offer matinee pricing ($5 for movies that begin before 5 p.m.) or clubs for frequent moviegoers.

The theater closest to Hollywood is UA Galaxy, which is freshly remodeled and way more luxurious and comfortable, adult tickets are $12, $10 for children, no matinee pricing.

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips for cheapskate movie lovers.

I have emailed the public relations team at Cinemark regarding the reason for the closing and plans for the property. I will update this story if I hear back.