Pepe Saya Buttery.

There’s only one store in the United States that’s selling Pepe Saya butter, and it’s located in our neighborhood.

Central Market has spent the last six months getting the artisanal Australian butter in stores.

The butter company was founded in 2010 by Pierre “Pepe” Issa, a master butter maker who is interested in different ways to preserve cream. He was inspired to make the cultured butter after his dessert business had 200 liters, almost 53 gallons, of cream left as the holiday season approached.

The butter is made with high-fat (84%) milk from Australian family farms and packaged by a 50-year-old machine that produces round pats.

Pepe Saya Buttery round pat.

There are three varieties available at Central Market stores for a limited time.

  • Pepe Saya cultured butter salted: $10.99
  • Pepe Saya cultured butter unsalted: $10.99
  • Pepe Saya maple butter: $14.99

Central Market is located at 5750 E. Lovers Lane.