A Westwood Junior High student is being hailed a community hero after helping  a stranger he saw in need on Tuesday afternoon.

A couple saw the boy, Garrick Headley, crouched on the ground with a man suffering a seizure across from LA Fitness on Walnut Hill Lane.

Garrick had just gotten off the bus from school and was on his way home when he came to the man’s aid. Lacie Judy, who posted on Nextdoor about pulling over to help the man, was with her husband, Grant, when she saw what was happening.

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“For a 13-year-old boy, he was very well composed and very brave,” Lacie says.

Lacie and Grant waited alongside Garrick, who was attempting to comfort the man. As Grant tended to the man, Lacie asked Garrick for more information while she was on the phone with 911.

“It turns out he didn’t know the man at all and was just trying to help,” Lacie says.

Garrick’s mother, Zsaletta Headley, says her son didn’t make a big deal of helping the man and just mentioned it casually.

“He said, “Mom, I just helped this guy,'” Zsaletta says. “I’m glad. That’s what I teach you to do when you see someone who needs help.”

When asked if Garrick usually behaves in such a manner, Zsaletta says he hasn’t had much of a chance to display such bravery since the pandemic.

“I mean, he’s really never had an opportunity, especially with COVID,” she says. “But when he does, when he’s around anyone that asks him to, he will help.”

Another thing that stands out about Garrick is that he’s a Boy Scout of three years. He’s lived in Lake Highlands with his family for the past four years.

The man having the seizure had his mom by his side as he was transported to a hospital by the Dallas Fire Department. There is no word yet on his condition.

This story will be updated when more information is available.