A woman is dead, a man is in critical condition and a child — not to mention several witnesses — is traumatized following a Saturday afternoon shooting near Academy Sports and Outdoors and Five Below on Northwest Highway near Skillman in the Lake Highlands/East Dallas area.

So far, Dallas Police Department has not released many details other than to say the incident involved a male suspect shooting a man and woman, murdering the latter, and then fleeing the crime scene.

Witnesses say that a child, possibly the woman’s son, was also in the parking lot when this occurred.

Police have not yet identified the victims or released details about the suspect or responded to a request for comment.

White Rock resident Jacob Robert Darver Senior says he was on the scene right after first responders arrived. He shared with us what he observed and learned.

“They were performing CPR. The [man] was hanging in barley, and she was pretty much gone. It was a horrible scene,” he says.

He says the victims had a small white four-door car, he thinks a Chevy, parked in the lot. It was pulled about half way out of the parking spot from what he could tell.

He also saw the child, who he says “had been taken into the back of another vehicle that was on scene.”

“As I was leaving I believe I saw him in a police jacket and the officers had got him donuts and a drink and they were talking with him at the back of the police car behind Dunkin’ Donuts,” Darver says.

Darver says he talked to witnesses who told him they saw the shooter chasing the male victim in the parking lot and initially thought they were just two guys rough housing. But when they saw the gun they all took cover before the suspect opened fire, the witnesses added.

Two witnesses told Darver they didn’t notice the woman until they saw the suspect shoot her.

We will release more information about the suspect once we hear from the Dallas Police.

In Darver’s photo below, the white car is the victims’ car, he says. The black car also has bullet holes.


In the second photo, Darver says, you can see a victim’s clothing on the ground. That is where paramedics worked to save the man, he says.

A poster on Next-door.com wrote that she knew the murder victim and shared a link to a fundraiser for funeral services.

The organizer of the fundraiser, who identified herself as the victim’s ex-sister-in-law, wrote that the shooter was the murder victim’s ex-boyfriend and that the child was their son.

Once we speak with that organizer and verify the information, we can share more. So far the fundraiser has collected $11,000.

This is a developing story.