Stout Creek Farm delivers turkey, eggs and other farm-raised and grown foods to Lake Highlands residents every other Sunday and one business mid-week weekly.

Amid supply chain shortages of food, including turkey, Stout Creek Farm has fresh turkeys that they’ve bred for Thanksgiving. They will deliver turkeys from their farm if customers are in Dallas-Fort Worth, Tyler, or Texomaland, according a post on the farm’s instagram.

Stout Creek Farm, via Instagram.

The turkeys are heritage breeds that have been slow-raised on pasture and organically fed. Ranging from eight to 22 pounds, turkeys are $11 per pound with a $10 deposit.

Though the farm is based in Saltillo in Northeast Texas, Brent Barry- one of the owners- and his family had lived in Lake Highlands for 21 years spending the first half of those years in White Rock Valley. They continue to deliver to customers in Lake Highlands regularly.

Stout Creek also makes farm biodiversity a priority and cares about climate change.

The farm uses a method of farming that mimics the movements of nature as farmers in previous eras would and rotates their animals so they follow each other and create a “symphony of ecological abundance.”

Barry describes Lake Highlands as “a great place to raise a family.” He and his family moved away for the farm three years ago.

Heritage turkeys from Stout Creek can be found here.