As if sophomore classes at Oklahoma University weren’t keeping Natalie Duval busy enough, last week she officially kicked off her new business venture – Bondi Bowls Dallas. Her food trucks serve Bondi Bowls filled with immune-boosting acai and pitaya (dragon fruit), along with mix-ins like homemade vegan granola, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, kiwi and Nutella. They also serve shaved ice and homemade lemonade.

You’ll find the full Bondi Bowls menu here.

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“I’ve always wanted to open my own business,” says the Lake Highlands High School graduate. “It will be a balance, but it’s a family affair. I will do online promotion from OU and work weekend events, and my parents will help.”

Greg and Janet Duval, Natalie’s supportive parents, were on hand at her Lakeridge grand opening to shake hands with customers and serve from the food truck. Also at Lakeridge was Bailey Wilson, founder of Bondi Bowls, pronounced “Bond-eye” and named after the beach in Sydney, Australia where Wilson once lived. She returned to the U.S. to be with her dad after he was diagnosed with cancer.

“Acai is a super fruit found in the Amazon,” explained Wilson. “It’s immune-boosting with antioxidants, which is why I gave it to my dad. He works in the E.R. and was receiving cancer treatments during COVID. Our bowls have lots of vitamins and minerals with no refined sugars – just fruit topped with homemade granola, nut butters and more fruit.”

Wilson created Bondi Bowls in June of 2020, and she met Natalie 8 months later. Today, Bondi Bowls have 8 trucks up-and-running in Oklahoma and North Texas and more prepared to roll soon in Arkansas, Alabama, Oregon, Louisiana and other hotspots.

“We took Bondi Bowl to SMU sorority houses and had a great response,” says Natalie. “The women were from all over the country, and they said they’d never had anything quite like it. They were blown away that it was gluten-free with no sugar added. They loved it.”

If you’d like to sample Bondi Bowls, you can find them at a public event here or book them here for your private event – things like neighborhood parties, corporate events, teacher appreciation days and school carnivals. You may follow them on Facebook here or Instagram here.