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Home listings and sales have been on the rise in Lake Highlands since February and March of this year.

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Take a look at the breakdown of these changes, as well as how it compares across Dallas through a series of graphs below.

More homes on the market

In the four ZIP codes in Lake Highlands, new home listings began to increase in February and March of this year.

This followed a decline in listings since July of last year, where each ZIP code had a close to 40% drop. Since February, ZIP codes 75238 and 75218 had the highest rate of increase by nearly doubling listing numbers, while ZIP codes 75243 and 75231 stayed closer to a 50% increase.

In all of Dallas, trends show a similar increase from this spring to the summer. In 2019, there was a steeper growth than in 2020 or 2021 so far.

Home sales increase

The number of homes sold in the last few months has also grown in Lake Highlands.

The largest increase—64%—was seen in ZIP code 75243 from February to July. This comes after the largest decrease seen was 38% in ZIP code 75238 from July to January.

Across Dallas, home sales were at a 2-year high in the months of April and May. A slight downward trend in June dropped Dallas totals below previous years.

Market costs

Two ZIP codes in Lake Highlands have continued to increase listing prices on homes, while two have dropped since February and March of this year.

The two increasing ZIP codes, 75238 and 75218, have gradually increased over the last five years.

ZIP code 75243 has seen a less steady incline, but has also seen an overall increase in the same time period, with a roughly 36% increase in median listing prices since mid-2016.

The most inconsistent has been ZIP code 75231, which in May and June fell below median listing prices in July 2016.

Explore home sale price changes in Lake Highlands and surrounding areas in the last year using the map below.