Ly’Cena Williams of the Dallas Sanitation Department

The Dallas Sanitation Department is celebrating Women’s History Month by highlighting one of their own. Ly’Cena Williams of the Fair Oaks Transfer Station has earned the rank of Supervisor II.

“I am so happy,” said Williams. “It just lets me know that dreams can come true.”

Williams, in an interview shared to YouTube, acknowledged she mostly toils alongside male coworkers as crews work to keep Dallas neighborhoods clean and safe, but she hopes to encourage young women to reach for jobs – and leadership positions – they believe are beyond their grasp.

“This promotion is, more so, an inspiration,” said Williams. “It’s usually something that they would say is a male-dominated field, and we’re migrating over. I just want to inspire others to do the same as I do. As a single mom, I may not have believed in myself. But through hard work and determination, this has become a dream come true for me. I just want to inspire other women and girls that through hard work and determination, this is something that you can also achieve and become. The sky is the limit.”

The City of Dallas Sanitation Department saluted Williams and her female coworkers in a message on

“Kudos to the women who help make sure Dallas waste is properly collected, transported, and managed. From the service agents who processes roll cart orders and the field inspectors who route crews to collect brush/bulk, to the landfill toll agents, drivers, managers, and recycling educators, the women of Dallas Sanitation put in the work daily with their male counterparts to help protect public health. And we say ‘thank you’!”