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The Lake Highlands Area Moms Against Racism came together to rally community support for neighbors in need due to last week’s snowstorm.

Help began last Thursday when group leader Lowry Manders checked in with her Girl Scout families. Manders discovered a family from Oakwood Creek Condos, along with the rest of the apartment complex, had been without power and water.

Manders learned Domino’s at Audelia Road and Walnut Hill Lane was open, and she ordered 35 pizzas and brought as much water as possible. She informed the rest of the LHAMAR group, and donations came pouring in from the community and even a few from out of state, Manders said.

“I think people, especially people like me who faired well with power and water last week, are just so hungry to help those who were unlucky and had to suffer so much,” she said.

After delivering to Oakwood Creek, the group discovered seniors at Audelia Manor Apartments needed help as well. LHAMAR delivered water, grocery items and $20 Kroger gift cards to the Audelia Manor community room on Saturday. White Rock Elementary PTA dropped off blankets and coats as well, Manders said.

On Saturday evening, the group delivered water to The Trellis at Lake Highlands apartments. On Sunday, LHAMAR headed to Lavera at Lake Highlands apartments for a pizza and water delivery. The group plans to deliver groceries and water to Soho Apartments today.

The remaining donated funds will go into creating a LHAMAR “Neighbor Crisis Fund,” Manders said.

“Because if there is one thing we have learned over the past year, it’s that the crises keep coming,” she said. “And sadly, they tend to overlap and pile on our neighbors with less disposable income.”