100 Women of Lake Highlands is an organization devoted to maximizing their impact in the community by banding together and bundling their contributions. Since their inception in 2016, they’ve given more than $538,000 to 13 LH nonprofits, agencies and projects, including Feed Lake Highlands, Forerunner Mentoring and Healing Hands Ministries.

Between record-setting cold weather, a devastating pandemic and other circumstances, leadership opted to extend the application deadline to Feb. 25 to enable organizations to assess the damages and see where funds can help people most.

The application form is available online here. Applicants must benefit residents of District 10, which includes Lake Highlands and Hamilton Park.

The premise of 100 Women is simple, but the name is misleading. Each member donates $100 to the charity they vote quarterly to support, but their roster is bursting at the seams. With close to 300 members, the total handed to nonprofits is usually around $30,000.