Photo courtesy Metro Creative Graphics

A new nonprofit animal clinic aims to provide essential veterinary services for the neighborhood’s pets without breaking the bank.

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Leigh Sendra, founder of DFW-based Doodle Rock Rescue, opened CHEW Animal Clinic on 8484 Walnut Hill Lane yesterday. The clinic is not affiliated with Doodle Rock Rescue.

CHEW stands for Compassion Hope Education Wellness. Sendra said she opened the nonprofit to give the community in full-service options at a low cost. The clinic provides diagnostics, treatments, boarding, spay and neutering, vaccinations, x-rays, full labs and ultrasounds.

“The community cannot afford some of the private practice prices,” Sendra said. “We do have a qualifier on our website.”

By providing these affordable services, Sendra said she does not aim to undercut veterinarians in the area.

“I want the veterinarians and the animal hospitals around us to know that we’re serving the purpose in the community that can’t afford their services,” she said. “I’ve seen it too often where someone will have a dog that is critically sick or injured and they’re turned away or offered to euthanize the animal.”

Sendra added that by offering spaying and neutering, she hopes CHEW Animal Clinic can help with Dallas’ overpopulation of animals.

The clinic is located a 8484 Walnut Hill Lane. Photo courtesy CHEW Animal Clinic