Noelle Whitehead carries the ball while Mitch Coulson looks on. Photo by Jeff Bargas Photography.

Lake Highlands High had a storybook undefeated season heading into the playoffs last night 10-0. But South Grand Prairie ended the Wildcats’ hopes for a state championship, winning the game 38-14.

Lake Highlands fans weren’t the only ones with high expectations for the matchup at Wildcat Stadium. CW33 chose to televise the game live, and NBC 5’s Pat Doney covered it as their “Game of the Week.” Matt Diggs live-tweeted the game, and Dallas Morning News sportswriters Joseph Hoyt and Tess Demeyer were in the pressbox.

The Wildcats were up 14-7 midway through the second quarter after rushing touchdowns by Mitch Coulson and Noelle Whitehead. SGP wriggled out of a 4th and 5 predicament to score a touchdown just before the half ended. The Cats never crossed the goal line again.

In the next round, SGP will play Allen after their win over Plano West 34-13.