33 Years Ago: George Strait LIVE @ Reunion Arena, New Year's Eve 1986-87! He performed hits, such as "Hot Burnin’...

Posted by The Latest, Greatest, & Straitest of George Strait on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

“I’m the fireman. That’s my name.”

Thirty-four years ago, on New Year’s Eve,  George Straight lit up Reunion Arena like the angel on a very Texan Christmas tree.

A recording of the now legendary concert became “George Strait: Live!” a film that came out on VHS, which was this thing we had before YouTube. And what a time to be alive! Now it’s available on YouTube, and perfect for a 2020 NYE pajama party.

Check out the 1980s Dallas fashion and adorable accents, “He’s so kyewt,” at about the 20-minute mark. Cheers to two-steppin’ around the living room with Texas’ sweetheart as his finest, or should we say, “fahh-nest.”