Dallas Police Department’s Northeast Division is collecting donations to support local nurses.

The Dallas Police Department’s Northeast Division is stepping up to support local nurses as the coronavirus pandemic persists. 

Officer Bervin Smith is gathering the community to donate funds and baked goods for nurses helping COVID-19 patients at Medical City and Texas Health Presbyterian hospitals and the local jail. 

“I’ve just been seeing so much on TV about the long hours nurses have been working, people coming from out of state to assist and how worn down you keep hearing and seeing that the nurses are,” Smith said. “They’re oftentimes the last person to see someone before they pass away.”

Smith said neighborhood groups and local business partners have helped collect over $1,400 to purchase cookies, cakes, energy drinks, nuts, candy and gift cards for the nurses. The division plans to deliver the supplies to the hospitals and jail this Friday.

The Lake Highlands and Northeast Dallas communities have been receptive to help local nurses, Smith said. 

“I had a lady yesterday that got laid off from her job instead of being furloughed. She said ‘This touched my heart,’ so we went by her house, she gave us a $30 check,” he said. “Our neighborhood people really stepped up and want to participate in all kinds of ways.”

Those interested in contributing can write a check out to “Lake Highlands Public Improvement District” or donate baked goods and drop them off at the station on Northwest Highway and Audelia Road. Baked goods must come in a plastic bag per 1-2 items for safety purposes.

The division is looking to collect items by Thursday to deliver on Friday.

Smith said the division is looking to continue this support for COVID nurses and extend supplies to other nearby hospitals in the future. 

“We’re police officers, we’re on the front line, but not like those people,” Smith said. “There is death all around them. They act as caregivers, as comforters. They’re acting as family members, they’re wearing a lot of hats.”

For more information or questions about the initiative, email Bervin Smith at bervin.smith@dpd.ci.dallas.tx.us.