LHHS vs. Mesquite Poteet 2020 from NegreteHighlights. Screenshot courtesy NegreteHighlights

While attending a football game at Wildcat-Ram Stadium, you might have noticed a student on the sideline with a camera, attentively filming the game. That student is Jose Negrete. 

Negrete is a senior at Lake Highlands High School. He runs a YouTube channel called NegreteHighlights where he posts highlight videos of the Wildcat football team. 

Negrete’s interest in videography began in junior high. 

“I started editing videos in 7th grade and I enjoyed it a lot,” Negrete says. 

His passion for editing evolved into a passion for filming his friends once he reached high school. 

“I started recording videos because of our starting quarterback and star player, Mitch Coulson. I saw that he was a really good player, and now he [produces] a lot of [the most impressive] highlights”

Negrete filmed games on his phone at the freshman level, but he began a more sophisticated operation with an actual camera last year. 

Negrete used to play football, but he gave up the sport to record the team during his senior year. 

“I miss playing football a lot, but I don’t regret making that choice,” Negrete says. 

Negrete says that filming football games is a lot of work, but the support he receives from his peers make it worthwhile. 

“Filming games can be really stressful, but I do it because I enjoy it and I’m glad to see that people enjoy my work.” 

Negrete, right, in action at a LHHS football game. Photo courtesy Jose Negrete

In addition to filming football games, Negrete also produces footage of football practices and basketball games.

Negrete hopes to pursue a career that incorporates his passion for video production, but he is unsure what that will look like. 

“As of now, I don’t know where or how to start, so I’ll just see what the future has in store for me.”

The Wildcats take on South Grand Prairie in the first round of the playoffs. Negrete will be manning his post on the sideline, giving fans an up-close look at Wildcat football.  

Story by Scott Poole