The Dallas City Council passed the FY ’20-21 budget on Sept. 27. Somebody must have had their mouse hovering over the print button that evening because if you have a water meter,  just a few days later, there was a little something extra for you to read when the bill arrived.

Do you turn on tap water? More cha-ching for City Hall.
Do you flush a toilet? Hold on to your wallet.
Do you have garbage pick-up? Dig a little deeper.
Do you have a curb/gutter/ditch/storm pipe in your neighborhood? A hard rain is going to fall on your bank account.

During a pandemic, the City raised fees on pretty much everything necessary to run a household. These new fees will mean another $38.16 annually from the average Dallas homeowner, according to the City’s budget presentation.

For most, that’s not too painful, but the pandemic has hit many families so hard they’re counting nickels and dimes. They will feel it.