Hawaiian Bros is available to the neighborhood through take out and delivery. | Photo courtesy of Hawaiian Bros

The humble Hawaiian Plate Lunch,  a comfort-food fusion, is making its debut at Hawaiian Bros. The restaurant is part of Revolving Kitchen, a community ghost kitchen space.

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The Hawaiian Bros menu centers around flavorful meats like slow-roasted pulled pork and marinated teriyaki chicken. The traditional side dishes include jasmine rice and tangy macaroni salad.

Owners and brothers Cameron and Tyler McNie have been preparing traditional Hawaiian cuisine for decades, trained by a native Islander who taught them how to make such Hawaiian favorites as seared Spam musubi, Spam glazed in teriyaki sauce and wrapped in dried seaweed.

“For us, the Hawaiian Plate Lunch is about more than bringing fresh island flavors inland,” said co-owner Cameron McNie in a press release. “It’s about what the Hawaiian Plate Lunch represents —  a mix of people and cultures coming together to share a meal.”

The Hawaiian Plate Lunch us priced between $7 and $13 a plate. This is the McNies’ second Texas concept. They own several restaurants in the Kansas City and Chicago metropolitan areas and one in Austin.

Hawaiian Bros is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. for takeout and delivery only. Order online or call 214-544-0505, 520 Shepherd Dr.