Neighbors tell how they will celebrate Halloween this year. | Photo courtesy of Getty Images

It’s 2020 and the coronavirus has become the new norm, so how are neighbors planning to celebrate Halloween with the little ones? A few neighbors chime in on five different ideas to celebrate upcoming festivities.

1. No Changes, just a mask

“I’m planning on making no changes,” neighbor Erika Stilwell wrote. “Except for a mask for kids and when I hand out candy. I’ll drop the candy in the bag so not so many fingers touching the candy!”

“I plan to be outside wearing my mask to protect trick or treaters and hope they’ll do the same,” Marsha Schoenkopf wrote.

2. Create a map

“Some of us are making a map of houses and throwing candy and little Halloween treats (like plastic toys) onto the yards of those people who have signed up,” neighbor Tori Scott wrote. “Then the kids can safely collect them afterward in costume and wave to people throwing the treats from the porch.”

3. Pre-packaged bags

“Pre pack the candy in bags and set the bags on a table several feet out from our front porch,” neighbor Allison Hancock wrote.

4. Spider web of candy

“I saw a comment where someone said they were going to make little treat bags to hang on a spiderweb or from trees and the kids can pick one of the bags,” neighbor Aaron Conway wrote. “I thought that was a good solution and we may try and figure out how to do this a well.”

5. At-home scavenger hunt

“I haven’t thought about it, but just assumed that Halloween wasn’t affected? Wear a mask, get your candy and go to the next house,” neighbor Vandy Haby wrote. “We will just look for the lights that are on! Halloween 2020…. bring on the FUN!!!! If people aren’t comfortable sending their kiddos to collect candy from neighbors, then maybe a scavenger hunt at home?? Excited to see all the trick or treaters!!”