Candy Shack Daiquiris is set to open in late October or early November

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that alcoholic beverages are just as tasty in roadie cups as they are in glassware. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a waiver in March allowing to-go alcohol sales, and in April he tweeted that the practice should stay “forever.” Lake Highlands restaurants – and patrons – clearly agree. Even after restaurants reopened for table service, alcohol to-go has remained a popular benefit of COVID-19.

Candy Shack Daiquiris, a new player in the Lake Highlands market, will bring New Orleans-style frozen drinks to the neighborhood when they open in the Super Target shopping center at Abrams and Park Lane in November. Besides fruity flavors and classics like Texas Tea and Pina Colada, they’ll offer fun mixes like Baby Mama Drama, Lethal Weapon, Victoria’s Secret. The drinks come in several sizes, including fish bowl and gallon-sized, all packaged for take out.

Their food menu includes catfish, shrimp, chicken & waffles and other nibbles. You can view the full menu here.

After building 5 stores in the Houston area and one in Arlington, owner James McGee has begun franchising the business. He concentrates on business development and finances, while dad Brandon, retired from the military and police force, handles payroll and human resources.

“James is my first born, and I’m at midlife,” Brandon told me. “We’re father and son, but we’re also friends. COVID slowed things down, but we’re working to hire from the local area and open in November.”

Candy Shack, modeled after Las Vegas, South Beach, Savannah and New Orleans where it’s common to walk around with a colorful alcoholic drink at any time of the day, adheres to TABC rules permitting to-go daiquiris to have levels of alcohol at or below 17% of alcohol by volume, Brandon explained. They use rum in their Creamy Crack, similar to a White Russian, but the rest of their concoctions use plain or lemon-flavored vodka.

“We want to be the McDonald’s of daiquiris,” declared Brandon. “Our business model is easy. We’re that easy, go-to, local drink at the end of the day and that relaxed vibe on the weekends.”

The LH Candy Shack will be at 6751 Abrams, near Little Caesar’s Pizza.