Royal Highlands Plaza has become Lake Highlands Village at Skillman and Royal

JAH Realty has a new name for their shopping center at Skillman and Royal, and they’re teaming up with the Lake Highlands Public Improvement District (PID) Saturday morning to debut the new “Lake Highlands Village” with a “Drive Thru Blitz.”

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Businesses at the center will give away free samples, coupons, gift cards and other goodies while visitors remain safely inside their cars. Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Adam McGough’s AllInD10 Committee and the Dallas Police Department are co-sponsors of the event, which runs from 10 a.m. to noon.

Lake Highlands Village is anchored by Tom Thumb, which underwent major renovation in 2013, and hosts McDonald’s, PrimaCare Medical Center, Brick House Burgers and other neighborhood and national businesses.

Lake Highlands Village will host a ‘Drive Thru Blitz’ Saturday morning