Meatball Kitchen is one of the newest ghost kitchens to serve the neighborhood. | Photo courtesy of Meatball Kitchen

If there’s one inspiring thing to come out of COVID-19, it’s a restaurant’s ability to pivot.

Meatball Kitchen serves parm-style subs, pastas and comfort food sides, with a delivery location in Garland and Oak Cliff.

The naked meatballs come in three flavors, beef and pork, turkey with Calabrian chili peppers, or the vegetarian option, Impossible “meat.” Pasta is tossed in classic marinara, creamy vodka sauce or mushroom white wine sauce.

The sides include Arancini mozz tots which are white wine risotto wrapped around a molten mozzarella center. They also sell Polenta fries, spicy green beans and garlic bread.

Delivery is offered through Uber Eats, DoorDash, Favor and GrubHub from Revolving Kitchen in Garland and the Local Oak in Bishop Arts.