Trash in White Rock Lake after a storm. Photo courtesy of Reddit

The next seven days will be devoted to cleaning White Rock Lake after it was inundated with trash following heavy rainfall earlier this week, according to a maintenance plan from the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

The first day of the plan focuses on removing silt and debris from the trails to make them safe for use. On the second and third days, debris will be removed from high ground that dries quickly so it can be used later for heavy forestry equipment. Large debris and floatables will be removed on the fourth and fifth days. They are located in areas that often stay saturated, so they must be removed several days after rainfall or flooding.

Additional staff from other areas with the department will assist with the plan. Overtime will be used to ensure the plan continues over the weekend and outside normal business hours to adhere to the seven-day recovery timeline.

Shoreline litter removal is scheduled twice per week, but moving forward, it will be increased to five times per week following major rain because floatables continue to migrate into the lake from the north via White Rock Creek.

The turf along the shore has also grown taller than normal, making it more difficult to remove litter that collects near the water’s edge. Contractors will mow closer to the shoreline so trash is more accessible during routine removal.

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Jaime Dunaway is an editor with Advocate Media.