Trash in White Rock Lake. Photo courtesy of Reddit

Much-needed rain fell in the neighborhood Sunday night, but it left White Rock Lake looking more like a trash reservoir than a recreational lake.

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A photo of the lake posted Monday on Reddit shows Styrofoam cups, plastic bottles and other trash littering the water near the bridge.

During heavy rainfall, water levels rise in the creeks and tributaries that feed into White Rock Lake. That lifts the Styrofoam and plastic, which float downstream and into the lake.

It’s definitely time for a cleanup.¬†Join For the Love of the Lake on Sept. 12 for its second Saturday spruce-up.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the organization has distributed sanitized supplies via a drive-thru event. Volunteers must wear masks and gloves. Groups are limited to 10 people, and they must maintain 6 feet of distance from others.