Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Hannah Hargrove-Roberts was one of our Lake Highlands’ Fierce Females in 2018. Hargrove-Roberts has spent the past six years managing and revamping her family’s business, Orr-Reed Wrecking. In March, she lost her grandfather, Cecil ‘Mac’ Hargrove, to COVID-19. Now, her business struggles to survive the pandemic.

Orr-Reed Wrecking has pivoted toward selling DIY kits, like birdhouses and gardening boxes. But the business has still been struggling.

“This has been a very slow month,” Hargrove-Roberts wrote in a Facebook post. “We are doing our best to get new inventory and come up with new kits but we are struggling right now. We depend on foot traffic and with covid and the heat our sales for the month are roughly 60% below what they typically are.”

Guys we cannot thank you enough for all the support this weekend. You totally blew us away. We are not totally caught...

Posted by Orr Reed Architectural Co. on Monday, August 17, 2020

Customers can order squirrel picnic table and bookshelf DIY kits, or they can donate here.