St. Vincent’s new project with Audible.

St. Vincent, AKA Annie Clark, announced her part in Audible’s series “Words & Music.” The storytelling initiative will combine musical narratives and music by well-known artists.

Artists Smokey Robinsons and Alanis Morissette will join St. Vincent in the storytelling series.

“St. Vincent: Words & Music” is an intimate and personal meditation on an artist’s discovery of her authentic self – tracked through the lyrics and influences of her catalog of music.

“Life is strange and full of uncertainty, right now,” said Clark in a press statement. “But music is a constant. Music transcends the chaos.  It’s always been there for me when I’ve needed it—whether in times of fear, heartbreak, anger, joy.  So I’m thrilled to be working with Audible to share my story and my music, especially at a time when music is such a crucial part of coping and getting through these unprecedented days.”

Production is currently underway on all originals via at-home studios. Audible will release additional details on its forthcoming musical narrative slate in the coming months.