There will be no foot long corn dogs, fried Oreos and midway rides this year at the State Fair of Texas. The event is canceled due to COVID-19, the first year of cancellation since World War II.

In honor of Big Tex, here’s a throwback to a story we did on Helen and Fred Wiatrowski. The Lake Highlands couple were coupon cleaners for the big event.

“I have a special job that no one else wants to do,” Helen says.

Along with a team of 12, the Wiatrowskis would stay through the night to make sure coupons were cleaned from trash, sugar and any other excess items.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get to keep any cash they found.

“I found dollar bills, and we turned them in,” Fred says. “On Texas-OU game day, our busiest day, a guy found a bunch of $20 bills. Turned them in. It was probably a set-up.”

Read the full interview here.

Fred Wiatrowski died on April 10, 2015 at 92 years old.