Photo from Sweet Tooth Hotel’s website.

Lake Highlands resident and co-founder of Sweet Teeth Hotel Jencey Keeton is reopening Sweet Tooth Hotel, with some new guidelines.

Her exhibit that was set to open on April 18, “Intangible,” was an exhibit of yarn and fabric. Now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the “Intangible” exhibit is opening with a new twist; visitors can’t touch anything.

Here is how Sweet Tooth Hotel is updating it’s policy to be CDC approved:

  • Capping visitors at 10 per hour.
  • Individual parties will check in together and be kept 6 feet away from other parties.
  • A guide will take visitors through, making sure they don’t touch the installations.
  • Days of operation will be extended to Tuesday through Sunday, for a deep-cleaning service scheduled for Mondays.
  • Three of the venue’s seven employees will work each day, they will be in charge of sanitizing exhibits after groups leave each room and between different groups’ time slots.
  • They will screen both guests and staff with contactless thermometers. No one with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or above will be allowed to enter.
  • Guests will be able to purchase tickets online only and QR codes will be scanned by staff at a counter lined with plastic glass shields.
  • Every door will be left open, with the exception of bathroom doors, and there will be a few hand-sanitizing stations.
  • You can read more of Sweet Tooth Hotel’s new guidelines here.

“Intangible – A Fiber Fairytale” opens on June 6.