Chloe Willis rushing the football field as the Wildcat mascot. (Photo from Chloe Willis.)

You’ve probably seen Chloe Willis at games or pep rallies, but you wouldn’t recognize her.

Willis is a rising senior at Lake Highlands High School, but she has a job that very few students can say they have held. She is the school’s mascot and she has been for nearly five years.

“In fifth grade, I always told myself I’m going to be the mascot when I got older,” Willis says, so she tried out for the position at the end of seventh grade.

After serving as the mascot her eighth-grade year at Lake Highlands Junior High, she was preparing to enter high school. However, at the time, LHHS did not have freshman mascots.

This didn’t stop Willis. She started a petition for there to be a freshman mascot, and after getting signatures, her wish was granted.

The girl behind the Wildcat. Willis cheering on the Wildcats from the sidelines. (Photo from Chloe Willis.)

She said being the mascot is a form of self-expression despite the costume.

Willis also she received the UCA All America Mascot Award and the UCA Varsity Leadership Award, “Inspiring Leadership On And Off the Field.”

“One thing I personally love doing is making people happy, and I see that so much.”