Dr. Bob Iden, Nancy Harmon, David Grinsfelder, Imari Jordan, Barbara Yarborough Lown and Sally Russell Grinsfelder

The Lake Highlands High School Class of 1970 has been working for months – years, really – to plan a 50-year reunion, and they’re disappointed that COVID-19 threatens their big gathering. They’re more sympathetic, though, to another group dealing with their own disruptions – the Class of 2020.

The reunion committee jumped on an idea from classmate Dr. Bob Iden to salute and honor the 2020 graduates as part of their 50-year festivities. They installed a “School of Champions Forever” banner to greet the seniors when they arrived at LHHS to return laptops and collect caps and gowns, and the banner served as a back drop for the parent-organized graduation parade down Church Road Sunday night. They also put together an inspirational video with vintage photos and film clips, which you can view below. The video, created by 1970 graduates Cindy Causey and Steve White, will be shown at the outdoor all-class graduation in July.

In addition to general support for the class, the alums provided yearbooks, gift cards and other items to ten seniors of limited means selected by LHHS counselors. The recipients were congratulated by 1970 class members and presented with gift baskets at the school.

Sally Russell Grinsfelder, David Grinsfelder, Adriana Sena, Nancy Harmon, Cathy Ostmeyer and Barbara Yarborough Lown

LHHS Class of 1970 salutes the Class of 2020