Auditions to be the next voice of Big Tex are already closed, but perhaps there’s room for a late entry from our Grammy Award-winning neighbor, Erykah Badu.

In a video published on Central Track, Badu made a convincing pitch with a honey-dripped “Howdy, folks!” Just listen to her catchy jingle and PSA about social distancing, and it’s clear she’s the right choice.

Sure, the other voices have all been male, but Badu is a woman of many talents and knows a thing or two about recording vocals.

Still need convincing? As Central Track writes, “Consider that Badu and Big Tex have more in common than you might think: They both have an affinity for Texas-sized hats, they both call Dallas home and they’re both Texas icons.”

If you agree, sign Central Track’s petition to make Badu the next voice of Big Tex at the State Fair of Texas.