This may be the cutest quarantine parade we’ve seen so far. On May 1st, the local Lake Highlands Girl Scout troop held a May Day Parade to lift the spirits of elderly neighbors quarantined inside at Villages of LH Senior Care.

“The residents and staff all looked out the windows and waved as the gals and families drove by slowly with posters they had made, and bubbles, and flowers. In the tradition of May Day, the parade was led by a May Pole and we left flowers and flower-themed notes, cards, and posters for the residents,” said Lowry Manders, Lake Highlands Girl Scout troop leader. “Along with GS cookies for their super-hero staff. Even the memory care folks were brought out to windows to see us pass by, twice in case they missed it the first time.”

The troop, with over 40 members, adopted this facility for their volunteering.