RISD officials are working to decide whether classrooms will be open in the fall

With the coronavirus going strong and scientists predicting surges in new cases and hospitalizations, Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa announced Monday that his district is unlikely to resume a full schedule of all-day classes in the fall. No plans have been finalized, he said, but a “blended learning opportunity” is “highly likely.” Plans being considered include breaking students into Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday attendance groups and sending older kids home for online learning while younger students spread out into a larger number of district facilities.

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“Most of our parents are hourly workers, so they have to be on their jobs,” Hinojosa explained. “They can’t work remotely, they can’t be at home with their children, so we have to take all of these into consideration.”

Richardson ISD officials have not announced their plans for 2020-21 but are similarly weighing their options. With 39,000 students and more than 50 schools, Superintendent Dr. Jeannie Stone is working to find a solution balancing the needs of students, teachers and parents districtwide. They’ve invited parents and other stakeholders to share opinions on the RISD website here. The portal for COVID-19 feedback includes input options for at-home learning, child nutrition, counseling services, health services and the Class of 2020.