Justin Hamilton arrives to film in Kenya

Congratulations. You just finished another month of sheltering at home and grappling with a never-ending stream of bad news about death and economic destruction from the coronavirus.

Lake Highlands High grads Justin Hamilton, Harris Briggs and Cary Daniels want to help you switch from watching the dreary to the sublime. They’ve created a music video called “Notes from the Old World,” to remind us what life will look like in future days when we all can get back to “normal.”

From Nairobi to Tokyo, from Beirut to Austin, the beautifully shot film shares scenes of ordinary people doing ordinary things including playing dominoes, watching sports, playing with children and walking on the beach. The video was shot and edited by Hamilton and Jared Levy, and the music was created by Hamilton and Briggs. Daniels mixed the sound.

The film was cobbled from scenes intended for a much different purpose.

“A few weeks ago I returned to a hard drive of footage I had been sitting on for 7 years,” Hamilton explained on Facebook, “a collection b-roll that I shot alongside Jared Levy for a travel show that we directed in 2013. Thirteen countries, six continents, five months. The footage took on a new meaning in the context of this pandemic, and I found myself reflecting not just on the loss of travel, but the loss of so many facets of the world in which we used to live. The New World will be a different place when we finally land on its shores.”

You can check out some of Hamilton’s other great work here.