Vickery Trading Company face masks

The CDC now recommends wearing masks in public during the coronavirus outbreak, but surgical masks and even facial dust coverings used by house painters and woodworkers have been sold out for weeks. So what’s a responsible person to do when they venture out during a pandemic?

Vickery Trading Company has switched from sewing adorable children’s clothing to colorful face masks, and their washable safety gear is available in adult and children’s sizes.

The best part about VTC is the mission of the women doing the sewing. Stephanie Giddens founded the project in the Vickery area of Dallas after she began volunteering with the refugee community there, just a few minutes from her Lake Highlands home. As the refugee women learn to sew and earn an income, they are surrounded by mentors who guide them into a safe, new American life.

“By the end,” says Giddens, “many of these women are buying houses, applying to colleges and even teaching English to other refugees.”

You may visit the VTC website here to purchase masks, which are washable fabric protectors, not the N95 surgical type. Adult masks are $12 and kid masks are $10. You can also click here to sponsor masks for medical workers, sometimes forced to use one mask repeatedly for days. You may also donate here or volunteer to mentor refugee women here.

Face masks from Vickery Trading Company