Abby Lau is a Healthcare Analytics Consultant at a major healthcare insurance provider, like other working moms, she is learning to juggle working from home and helping navigate her kids through distance learning. Here’s her story:

How is working from home?

I have been working from home two days per week for years. Now, it’s been a really challenging time balancing my full-time job and teaching my kids.

How old are your kids?

4 (PK 3) and 7 (2nd grade).

How is distance learning going?

It’s been different but I have had to lower my expectations of what we can do per week. I am not a certified teacher so I don’t have all of the tools but it’s going as well as one can hope for. They have recess twice a day whether it’s going in the backyard, riding bikes and scooters, chalking the sidewalk or running around. It’s a bit of a break for me to get some work done and for them to burn off energy.

Any advice or tips for other moms?

It’s hard for Moms that are a stay-at-home parent or a working parent. We have been given a task that even our own parents did not have to encounter. Give yourself some grace and not strive for perfection. Your kids are also in a new territory so learning together is an opportunity to build on your relationship with them. If you don’t get all of their math done today, then pick another day to complete the work. Baby steps.

How is juggling both working and having two children at home?

It’s been challenging to say the least. My boss has been very kind as she is also a mom and grandmother, so she understands. But having to decide on how much time to spend on my work versus the amount of time to help your child with their school work is hard. I have been getting up around 6 a.m. to work out and then start my work load before the kids ask for breakfast around 7:30 a.m.

How has social distancing been from your family members?

This has been more difficult than teaching my kids. My mom passed away last year
so I worry about my dad since he’s alone. We talk on the phone at least once a day and I do all of his grocery shopping as well. I buy at least two weeks worth of food as he lives in Arlington. My dad is 76 years old and probably in better shape than me, but I still worry about him all day long. But thank goodness for FaceTime.