A Lake Highlands High School graduate is one of three former student athletes suing the NCAA and coach John Rembao over alleged sexual abuse, according to the Dallas Morning News.

The three former student athletes say they were sexually abused by their track coach and are suing the NCAA, its board of governors and the coach, alleging the governing body doesn’t do enough to protect NCAA athletes.

Erin Aldrich is one of the three women. She was coached by Rembao after her athletic career at Lake Highlands High School in track and volleyball. She was a 2000 Olympian and eight-time All-American in the high jump.

Aldrich and the two other women, Londa Bevins and Jessica Johnson, filed the lawsuit in California. They say they were molested by Rembao while he worked at the University of Texas and the University of Arizona.

“Those women filed a class-action complaint against the NCAA, the NCAA board of governors and Rembao for what they allege were dozens of incidents of sexual harassment and sexual abuse when Rembao recruited and coached them. The women argue the NCAA failed to protect them despite the schools being aware of Rembao’s alleged abuse,” reports USA Today.

The three plan to include in the suit any NCAA student athlete at any school since 1992 who they say were also put at risk due to the NCAA’s inaction.

The plaintiffs are asking for new policies to be adopted immediately regarding coach-student relationships. They are also asking for compensation because the NCAA did not implement best practices.