As if the reports of booby traps and twine weren’t menacing enough for cyclists, there have now been reports of kids throwing rocks and bricks at cyclists from apartments.

On Monday, Feb. 17., a neighbor reported that kids were throwing rocks and bricks from the apartments at 7450 Holly Hills around 6 p.m. The  area is south of Holly Hills crossing on the SOPAC trail.

“Vickery Meadow part of trails are getting rougher,” wrote neighbor Richard Soltes. “I have been biking it for decades, back when they were the old rail beds.”

Soltes reported the incident to Dallas Police Department and 911, but he “felt their actions were unenthusiastic and uninspiring and made the hours long wait for them futile.”

“The trail is getting ruder,” Soltes wrote. “It has always been menacing North of Royal until past LBJ.”
Well, here’s another reason to wear a  helmet.