Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Here’s Dana and Rex Doss’ Lake Highlands High School sweetheart story.

They met during Dana’s (’82) junior year and Rex’s senior year (’81). They had a photography class together.

Dana Doss was a Highlandette, she’s the one on the right with her hand on the tree.

“I didn’t notice him and until a friend, Kelly Soutter Weigand( ’81), said she wanted to set us up,” Dana said. “Well I had to think about that because I had no clue who Rex was. During a Highlandette practice I was running to my place in line (6:30am no makeup) and I ran smack right into Rex on the practice field. He was the captain of the drum line, he caught my attention.”

“Back in the photography class little did I know that my friend Evan Gatewood (’82) was pushing Rex to choose me as a photo and lab partner,” she said.

Rex got to choose his partner first and he choose Dana. Before Dana could say anything, Mr. Abercrombie, the photography teacher, said, “Yes that’s good, Dana will be your partner this semester.”

“Many photo assignments, dark room experiences, the zoo field trip, and Friday night football games brought us together for many fun times,” Dana said. “God knew what he was doing and is still blessing us today.”

The couple got married in 1984.

Their advice: Keep it real, keep dating, respect each other no matter what, pray a lot, forgive a lot, keep dreaming, surround yourself with people that love you for you, lastly thank God for every day you have together.