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An 8-year-old is recovering after being grazed by a bullet inside the child’s own apartment in Lake Highlands overnight, while across town, a 1-year-old died after being shot inside a home in the Bonton neighborhood. Both incidents involved perpetrators shooting through walls from outside.

The South Dallas shooting occurred about 3:30 a.m. Sunday, and the perpetrator was targeting the bedroom of the home, explained Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall at an afternoon press conference. In addition to Rory Norman, who would have turned 2 this month, his uncle, home from college for the holiday, was shot multiple times and is receiving treatment in the hospital.

About one hour later, someone shot into an apartment on Royal Lane between Audelia and LBJ. Hall called that gunfire “random” and said the 8-year-old was treated at the scene and released.

“Not only are we broken-hearted, we are angry,” said Hall, a Lake Highlands resident. “This 1-year-old baby was killed due to senseless gun violence in this city that we are determined and aggressive about eradicating in 2020.”

When pressed for answers about the crime scene, Hall spoke fiercely.

“It’s the scene of a baby dying. I don’t know what that looks like to anyone else, but I know it’s something you never want to see not only as a mother but as a police chief. It happened on my watch, and I am angry. And this s*** has to stop in this city,” said Hall, banging her hand on the podium.

In June, two kids were shot through the walls of their apartment at Royal and Abrams during the night. Both recovered.

Anyone with information about last night’s shooting is asked to call the DPD tip line, 214-373-TIPS or contact Det. Andrea Isom, 214-671-3701. Both shooters remain at large.

“We know that someone somewhere knows something,” said Hall. “This senseless gun violence will stop. We’re determined that it will.”