Photo courtesy of Fish Bone Grill.

Concerned readers reached out about the closure of Fish Bone Grill on 6464 Northwest Highway.

Although it doesn’t say anything on Yelp or Google, the phone number is disconnected and the store has a “Closed” sign.

Bill Hensley, the owner of Fish Bone Grill, opened up the restaurant in 1983.

“We opened in 1983 with a lot of success, and the thing that made us unique at that time in this market is that we were an oyster bar,” Hensley said in a Dallas Observer interview. “You could get some fresh oysters. You could get all the good things you can get on the coast. Back then we didn’t have the grilled fish, but we had the fried fish, gumbo, chowder, those kinds of things. We still have that gumbo recipe … and it is fantastic.”

We have reached out to Hensley and will give an update as soon as possible.

Neighbor and fellow business owner, Chuck Kobdish, is a chiropractor a few doors down from Fish Bone.

“[Hensley] had spoken of shutting down for years. Sad it finally arrived,” Kobdish said. That is my son with Bill. My son is Charlie Kobdish, the 12 year old owner of Charlie’s Treats – Kid Made Kid Owned. I took this photo Sept 22, 2018 inside Fish Bone, while Bill and Charlie were trading business tips,” Kobdish wrote us. “A new business owner visits with a legend business owner. Today, Charlie, of Charlie’s Treats – Kid Made, Kid Owned, met Bill, owner of Fish Bone Grill, in business since 1984. It was awfully cute listening to them share stories and advice. Bill was quite impressed that Charlie auditioned for Shark Tank.” 

Bill Hensley and Charlie Kobdish, the 12 year old owner of Charlie’s Treats – Kid Made Kid Owned.(Photo courtesy of Chuck Kobdish)