While avoiding low-hanging branches and other obstacles on bike trails, cyclists must also watch out for a new sinister trap.

Several cycling groups have reported seeing twine intentionally strung across the Ridgewood and SoPac trails in Lake Highlands and Lakewood. The twine blends in so well with the scenery that it becomes difficult for cyclists to see.

Hitting a wire at 15-20 mph could cause serious injury. In 2019, a 69-year-old man suffered a broken right clavicle, three broken ribs, a concussion and road rash after hitting a similar trap in Colorado.

One Dallas cyclist has already been snared but was not badly hurt, said Mirage Cycling member Martha Parks.

Others have seen several ropes crossing the trails near White Rock Lake and removed them, according to the King Racing Group Facebook page.

Dallas police have been notified and are investigating the situation.

Photo from the King Racing Group Facebook page.