2019 was one of the most crime-ridden years in Dallas History.

Dallas Police Chief Reneé Hall’s 26-page report was sent to city leaders on New Year’s Eve in response to the mayor’s request for a comprehensive crime-fighting plan by the end of the year.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said he was pleased to see the chief refer to the crime reduction plan as a “living document” because he has “some concerns that I hope to see addressed in the coming weeks,” according to WFAA.

The mayor said in a written statement that the goal to reduce crime doesn’t go far enough.

Our D10 Councilman Adam McGough released his own statement on Facebook.

“I am thankful that Mayor Johnson called for this plan, and I stand alongside him and all my council colleagues to ensure that we do everything in our power to reverse the rising trends and make Dallas the safest big city in the country,” he wrote. “I look forward to Chief Hall briefing our public safety committee, discussing tactics in greater depth, and working together to produce a safer city for all.”

Here are some highlights from the report.

Following goals for the next 12 months:

• 10% reduction in murders and aggravated assaults in the Southeast, Southwest, and SouthCentral Divisions

• 10% reduction in individual and business robberies in the Northeast and Southwest Divisions

• 5% overall reduction in the violent crime category across all divisions

Conduct Targeted Warrant Roundups

The apprehension of the most violent and dangerous offenders is key to successful crime reduction. In 2020, the department will utilize specialized teams consisting of various DPD units working with other law enforcement agencies to conduct monthly warrant roundups. These operations will focus on the top 100 highest priority offenders who have a history of committing aggravated assault, robberies, and homicides

Continue Commitment to Project Safe Neighborhood Program

Project Safe Neighborhoods in the Northeast division is an initiative that brings together federal, state, and local enforcement officials, prosecutors, and community leaders to identify the most pressing violent crime problems in a community. The project utilizes law enforcement and community intelligence, along with cutting-edge technology, to identify and target the most violent offenders for enforcement action.

Targeted Narcotics Enforcement Through the Mitigation of Nuisance Properties

The department will work to reduce the negative impact of nuisance properties such as convenient stores, drug houses, multifamily units, or illegal boarding homes that are contributing to violent crime hot spots

Expand Starlight Program

In 2019, three high-crime gas stations received cameras to allow DPD a live feeds inside and outside the convenience store. This will expand to 20 stores in 2020.

To read the full 26 page report click here.