100 Women of Lake Highlands present $31,100 to LHABC

Participating in band isn’t cheap at Lake Highlands High School. The activity fee, due at the beginning of each school year, is between $500 and $800, depending on the grade level of the student and the instrument they play. Still, almost 1,000 kids signed up in 2019 at LHHS and its feeder schools – 70 more than in 2018.

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The Lake Highlands Area Band Club (LHABC) works hard to help pay for uniforms, meals, instruments and other equipment, and they’ve hosted innovative fundraisers over the years, including Varsity Revue, homecoming mum sales, Mattress Palooza and the Drum Corps International (DCI) Festival, but they lost that marching competition this year due to construction and limited parking lot space on campus.

That’s when they turned to 100 Women of Lake Highlands.

The neighborhood charity, founded in LH in 2016, asks each member to write a $100 check to a charity their members vote on, and their choice this quarter was LHABC. Despite their name, 100 Women of Lake Highlands is 311 members strong, so they presented LHABC with $31,100.

“There is little money in public school budgets for music education,” said band mom Jennifer Newman when she nominated the group. “The concerts we put on and the contests that these students compete in would not be possible without [the gift of the 100 Women].”

If you’re interested in joining 100 Women, follow them on Facebook here.

Besides Wildcat football halftimes, the LHHS band hosts Evening of Percussion, the RISD Color Guard Showcase, Jazz Under the Stars, Evening of Jazz, the RISD Chamber Music Festival, Junior High Night at an LHHS football game and concerts in both winter and spring. You can learn more here.