LHHS and Thomas Jefferson cheerleaders work together after Sunday’s tornado

The Thomas Jefferson High School cheer squad was headed into this week’s homecoming game without supplies to create spirit signs for their football team after last Sunday’s F3 tornado devastated their campus on Walnut Hill, but they received help Wednesday from the Wildcat varsity squad, which headed over to the girls’ new school home, Thomas Edison Middle School in West Dallas. The cheerleaders brought paints, brushes and butcher paper in cardinal red and Columbia blue – official colors of the Fighting Patriots.

“The cheerleaders and I couldn’t imagine what all they are going through with all of the changes,” said cheer sponsor Alan Kirby. “It was a real eye-opener going there and seeing them in their new location. Not only is their new school 15 miles away from TJHS, they are also basically starting a new school year and having to figure out how to get around a new campus.”

After watching the students work together, Kirby said the cheerleaders demonstrated good attitudes and a determination to do the best they can with their situation. The Patriots haven’t won a football game all year, but SMU, the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Cowboys this week donated uniforms and equipment.

“I can’t imagine what this is like for the teachers and staff,” Kirby added. “They have none of their teaching resources or supplies – they don’t even have phones in their rooms yet. When I got back to LHHS and looked at my messy room with papers and cheer supplies everywhere, I could not have been more thankful for my mess, because I am able to still come to my own school and my own room.”

Kirby is working with CC Dancewear to purchase new poms for the TJHS cheerleaders.

“The best part of our time with the TJHS cheer squad was watching them get excited for their homecoming game and seeing the positive interactions between them and the LHHS cheerleaders,” said Kirby. “They were thankful that we came to help and brought supplies – and a little bit relieved.  We loved helping them and hope that this will help make their homecoming even better.”

LHHS cheerleaders Jane Hamilton and Natalie Duval

Kennedy Kluever and Caroline Arnette

Wildcat cheerleaders Riley Grace Stallings and Alexandra Armer